One Way Ticket - Eruption - Funny Cat Video by #bluecatmax [Karaoke Cover]

One Way Ticket - Eruption - Funny Cat Video by #bluecatmax [Karaoke Cover]

Watch all The Crazy Fun Videos from Blue and His Friend Pink. They sing, laugh, joke, make nfts and have a conversation about all things blue and everything else fun. Pink is a curious cute pinky cat and Blue is a professional singer blue cat and is always blue. Enjoy their creations!

This particular video is about: Blue and Pink are back with another hilarious cat video karaoke! Blue Cat Max, the most famous of all cats, sings this well known Eruption video with Pink. Not sure if anyone else can relate, but Blue has never been able to sing in front of other people... unless there's a karaoke machine involved. The thought of someone judging while a person [or a cat] tries to hit those high notes makes a stomach turn over and over again! But when it comes down to it, singing karaoke has always been a favorite way to let loose and have fun. Today Blue is taking on the classic rock tune "One Way Ticket" by Eruption! And check out his hilarious companion [Pink] too ;) We hope you enjoy Pink and Blue! 🎶 ENJOY ALL FUNNY CAT VIDEO JOKES 🔔 Subscribe for more funny cat videos just like this: LET'S CONNECT ============= 📷 Instagram - 📺 TikTok - 📘 Facebook - 📌 Pinterest - 🐤 Twitter - 🔖Tumblr - MERCH ============== 🎽 Find merch and more fun on #bluecatmax website: NFTs ============== 😼 Explore Blue's NFT Collection on OpenSea: Thanks for watching!

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