What Do Women Actually Mean (When They Say These 12 Things)? Funny Cat Video #bluecatmax Reactions

What Do Women Actually Mean (When They Say These 12 Things)? Funny Cat Video #bluecatmax Reactions

Watch all The Crazy Fun Videos from Blue and His Friend Pink. They sing, laugh, joke, make nfts and have a conversation about all things blue and everything else fun. Pink is a curious cute pinky cat and Blue is a professional singer blue cat and is always blue. Enjoy their creations!

This particular video is about: Women can be confusing. They say a lot of things that sound like they mean one thing, but actually mean something else entirely and you can never be sure of the reaction. So what the hack do women really mean when they say these popular 12 phrases?! In this funny cat video Blue and Pink have a small talk on what women say and what they actually mean. Watch to find out if you're guilty of any of these hilarious acts! #1: "NO!" #2: "Maybe." #3: "I'll do this by myself." #4: "You're too romantic." #5: "I'm fine." #6: "Nice shirt!" #7: "Sorry, what?" #8: "It's okay." #9: "Do what you want." #10: "I don't wanna talk right now." #11: "I'll be ready in five minutes." #12: "Leave me alone." And never miss Blue's final reaction at the end of the video! Subscribe for more funny videos! Watch the other jokes in the series here: https://bit.ly/3utJDBL We hope you enjoy Pink and Blue! 🎶 ENJOY ALL FUNNY CAT VIDEO JOKES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw8oa... 🔔 Subscribe for more funny cat videos just like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmi... LET'S CONNECT ============= 📷 Instagram - https://bit.ly/3za95OE 📺 TikTok - https://bit.ly/3yQaUi6 📘 Facebook - https://bit.ly/3yMHEsL 📌 Pinterest - https://bit.ly/3yPo2Ei 🐤 Twitter - https://bit.ly/3AYzq3C 🔖Tumblr - https://bit.ly/3yJNN8Z MERCH ============== 🎽 Find merch and more fun on #bluecatmax website: https://bit.ly/3Bd9xgD NFTs ============== 😼 Explore Blue's NFT Collection on OpenSea: https://bit.ly/3uTRw2W Thanks for watching!

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